About Portland Fashion Week

Since 2002 Portland Fashion Week has striven to create a fashion-based business with a network of domestic and international resources to support emerging designers. Through annual events, Our full annual calendar of events brings together designers, models, media, stylists, celebrities, and VIPs in support of the Portland fashion communities, utilizing a percentage of the proceeds to benefit charity and support the education of the future fashion visionaries.

The driving force of Portland Fashion Week is the philosophy of “Slow Fashion”. This revolutionary perspective is founded on the idea of non-impulsive buying; using awareness as the basis for understanding the quality and value of clothing as well as its origination. Therefore, Portland Fashion Week  believes that the sustainable practices, including: reducing, reusing and recycling, will fully encompass all of the aforementioned values associated with slow fashion. This standard, Portland Fashion Week has adopted in all aspects of production, community support, educational programs, and designer selection. Thanks to these philosophies we’ve had more Project Runway alum show at Portland Fashion week than LA and NY combined.

Portland Fashion Week, the Sundance™ of Fashion Weeks, is the 3rd oldest fashion week series in the United States, TIME ™ Magazine’s “BEST Indie Fashion Week is the USA since 2012, and only carbon negative fashion week in the world as outlined by The Huffington Post. From top of the line eco-chic fashion experiences to our support for the local fashion community and community at large, it’s no wonder Portland Fashion Week is on the “Top 100 Things to Do Before You Die” Portland Bucket List.

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