Avante, Eco-Chic, Sustainable


"For of those to whom much is givenmuch is required" - John F. Kennedy


At Portland Fashion Week we realize the fact that we have been entrusted with much, and we do all within our collective powers to remain the vanguard of the sustainable apparel ideal. 

Join us as we build business relationships, champion environmental concerns and help the less fortunate.

and Welcome to the eco-chic merging of fashion, commerce and sustainability. Welcome to our world! the world of Portland Fashion Week!



pfw 2008 2 (2).jpg

We introduced the word ''Sustainable" to the fashion lexicon....

Each year since 2003 Portland Fashion Week has showcased sustainable fashion, being the first in the world to do so as such.

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papier couture 1.jpg

Paper Dresses have made an appearance....

Papier Couture graced the Portland Fashion Week Runways, Fall 2008

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pfw 2013 crowd 1.jpg

We are known for our "Fashion Sense"....

......and so are our attendees. Portland Fashion Week 2013, from The Oregon Convention Center.

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pfw 2010.jpg

Solar Power Runway, 2010....

Solar World gracious loaned us 80 feet of indestructable solar panels for our 2010 Runway.

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