Robert Hanson PFW 2019 Photographer

Robert W. Hanson, Born 1983 in Arcadia California. Grew up in Arcadia CA before making a move to Camas, WA with his family in 1992.

His father Eric Hanson was the photographer of the family. In addition to his Landscape Company, Eric would take photos of flowers, sunsets and pretty much anything nature oriented. Eric sold them on cards or prints that were hand made at the local Clark County Fair each year.

With Robert’s father around to show him the ropes, Robert learned through hands on experience and trial and error for years to follow.

Robert graduated from Camas High in 2002 and moved to Vancouver to Start his own journey. He started working in the Hospitality industry while photography took a back seat. Roberts Photography goals started coming into focus when his father gave him his first Digital Camera in his late 20's. Robert's main goal with his photography was to make a difference in people's lives. As long as the photography made someone smile and they enjoyed the photos he felt that his job was done. It was the positivity in people’s lives that was payment enough for Robert.

Robert started branching out by photographing weddings, Families, and senior student photos. With doing a wide variety of photography there was eventually the need to explore even further by heading for the fashion world to see what that had to offer.

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