Producer Damani Proctor

Portland Fashion Week Producer Damani Proctor


A 3rd generation native Oregonian, Mr. Proctor's  family came to Oregon in the 1890's and have been here in the Portland metro area ever since. 



Damani at the Ukraine helping some of his orphans he supports

Being  born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and coming from a strict Christian background emphasizing dedication, perseverance, and hard work promoted by a healthy life style and dedication to duty, this is an ethos which Damani proudly carries to this day. 

His unique personality- wise, polite, easy going, trustworthy, hardworking, and slow to anger, endear him to the entire production staff, and all are happy to tackle projects with him.

Recently graduating with his 3rd degree in Microelectronics,  Mr. Proctor's first degree and second degrees being Mechanical Engineering Tech and Aerospace Engineering respectively. In his academic career he has worn many hats, including working as a civil space contractor and student representative for NASA. 

He continues his work  in various research and development projects but always tries to make time for Portland Fashion Week here on earth.

Mr. Proctor also has  an active acting career working in the film industry where he can be seen in commercials, films, various photo shoots, set work and art projects too numerous to list. 


His Ukrainian Orphanage and some of his kids

As an artist he can be found at his work bench doing fine scale modeling, writing, painting, drawing and in the kitchen doing creative cooking as he is an avid student of molecular gastronomy. 

His hobbies also include his deep  love of aircraft, begun at age 3 when he had his first flight in the copilot's seat, more cooking, and anything helping others.

When not working on PFW or technical projects, Damani supports his orphanages in Ukraine and travels the world.


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