Produce/Graphic Design Head Patrick Nickelson


Patrick Nickelson is Portland Fashion Week's Director of Graphic Arts as well as a stellar Producer in his own right.  

As such he uses his position as a creative outlet for his prodigious artistic and graphic talents, one of which can be found by clicking the image below:


In his third year as Director of Graphic Arts, and first as a Producer Mr. Nickelson is an alum of Portland Community College where he graduated with his degree in graphic design.

As the PFW Director of Graphic Arts he is responsible for concepts and execution where all graphic design is concerned. 

As a Producer his job description includes updating graphics, scheduling print jobs, photo shoots, social media updates, and model recruitment and logistics. A man of many talents and responsibilities. 



Working with the Portland Fashion Week Graphic Arts Team has been a ''rewarding and valuable experience'' and Mr. Nickelson is responsible for some novel ideas including our paperless nightly programs and sustainable printing aspects as well as our company logo as seen above.






PFW 2015 Nightly Program, program by Patrick Nickelson

Another multi-generational Oregonian, Mr. Nickelson lives just outside the bedroom community of St. Helens, OR and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Country living and classic Chevy restoration are his hobbies and he can always be found with a sketch book or drawing book of ideas tucked under his arm.

He is also a huge Portland Winter Hawks fan and season ticket holder, with hockey being his favorite sport.



Patrick as a 'hawks game

Mr. Nickelson wants all to know he is both honored and humbled to serve in his current capacity with Portland Fashion Week and wants everyone to look forward to the upcoming 2018 Fall Series. 

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