Executive Producer Tod Hunter Foulk



PFW LLC Portland Fashion Week Founder Tod Hunter Foulk nurtures some very deep roots within the fashion community at large. 

Besides piloting the third oldest Fashion Week in the USA and most sustainably produced Fashion Week in the world, he is a multi generational fashionista who first began attending Fashion Shows as a child with his paternal grandmother, herself a former high fashion model in the 1920's. He has run his own successful label under The DoubleCross Belt Co., building a thriving and talented local Portland Fashion Community in the process while expanding his multi faceted knowledge of the fashion and design industry. A knowledge possessed by few living producers.


Aside from producing Portland Fashion Week, Mr. Foulk has produced a few other fashion related events over 15 years.

In 2005 Mr. Foulk was invited by Patrick Minga Minister of Tourism of Ecuador to come and produce Ecuador Fashion Week from the Guayaquil Hilton Hotel. 

Mr. Foulk was also invited the same year to play promoter for Studio 54 in the MGM Grand Hotel, an invitation which still stands today. 

In 2006 Mr. Foulk was invited by then Portland Mayor Tom Potter to produce the first ever fashion show from a City Hall anywhere in the USA, a Fashion Show which drew critical acclaim at The National Mayoral Conference and was later lauded for helping to foster sustainable fashions in the public eye and helped grant it a viable future in the USA.



Portland City Hall Fashion Show, Mayor Tom Potter waves to the crowd as he is introduced by soon to be Mayor Sam Adams.

In 2008 he was again invited to produce a Fashion Show, this time for the Blue Ocean Events Corp  on The Better Living Show- at one time the largest sustainable trade show in the world, with each Better Living Show held over 3 days each spring to nearly 20,000 attendees. Here his SEMPER Fashion presence became the most attended, most talked about and most anticipated of all the Better Living Show's 1,200 showcases. Beginning with a mere 100 square feet in 2008 to eventually being placed on the main stage and accorded nearly 4,000 square feet in 2015, Mr. Foulk conducted hourly fashion shows and sustainable hair and make up seminars to the eager attendees. Over the entire series Mr. Foulk showcased nearly 100 sustainable designers including NIKE, Pelligroso, Columbia Sportswear and Linda Loudermilk herself alongside such notable Green celebrities as Daryl Hannah, Ed Begly Jr., Ovie Mugheli, and Remy Chevalier- the 1950's child model and protege' to ELLE Founder Helene Gordon Lazareff, in the process.



The Better Living Show

Mr. Foulk is also the original producer of "The Big Chill" Winter Fashion Show. Beginning  in Nov. 2008 it was produced for Widmer Brewing Co. to showcase their Season Ale.  Drawing nearly 1,000 in attendance each year and incorporating fashions from such labels as Patagonia, NIKE, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear and Scott it was 3rd in scope to PFW and the Better Living Shows and aside from the Rock the Runways series, dwarfed the nearest fashion events in size and scope.



The Big Chill 2

Also in 2008 Mr, Foulk was selected from hundreds of individuals to help NASA as well as Dreyden Rocket Base select new logos and select garments for their tourist shops, and was later asked by Space X to help design their new logo and upcoming needed space suits. Mr. Foulk politely declined due to time constraints and frankly no knowledge what so ever of anything even remotely related, though he was deeply honored and remains so to this day. (As well as confused as to why he was asked in the first place). 

In 2010 he was personally asked to produce "Avant'', an Avant Garde Fashion Show for Lady Gaga and the Arena Management Corp. as a private industry event for Lady Gaga's first Portland, OR appearance, and was gifted with a personal invite list of 400.



The Lady Gaga Pre Show Fashion Show, model Lidia Covaci

In 2010 Mr. Foulk was also quietly approached by a consortium of local businessmen to run for mayor of Portland, however he declined the offer.

He was soon asked by a City Council Member to Head The Office of Portland Fashion, an official City Office which would have been created specifically for him to help the fledgling Portland, OR fashion industry.  Again Mr. Foulk politely declined and was then informed his was the only name considered and the matter was then rested. 

In 2011 he was asked to produce a fashion related element within EcoPalooza, the world's first ever solar powered concert! Held over 2 days in early summer from Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square it drew thousands to the sustainable lifestyle, an event which was carried over to the next year with Mr. Foulk's participation within precluding work on another terrific project. This time the offer came from Katy Perry's producers to create an event for her concert too, in the same vein as his "Avant" show produced for Lady Gaga the year prior. 



Eco Palooza 2011

His late summer 2011 "Fashion on The Square" was a public free event drawing nearly 2,500. Produced for the Paul Mitchel Company and from the world famous Pioneer Courthouse Square, it was held as a lead in for a Rock the Runways later in the evening and showcased a mini sample from the featured designers of the Rock the Runways show.

During the 2012 PFW hiatus during which time Mr. Foulk restructured the company, he was still very active within the community. KPDX/KPTV FOX 12 Oregon, the local FOX News affiliate station crafted a commercial specific to Mr. Foulk and his unique look, and being the person he is, Mr. Foulk was able to tap 4 of his closest friends to be featured along side him as on screen talent in what then became a series of lead-in commercials for the "Good Day Oregon" program. A ;ead in which then went on to win a Day-Time Emmy Award for the "Best Lead-in to a Morning Talk Show" category.


The 2012 Day Time Emmy Award for "Best Lead-in to a Morning Talk Show"


Rock the Runways 8 from The Benson Hotel

In 2015 Mr. Foulk brought his "Rock the Runways" Rock and Roll Fashion Show to an end after 10 years to better concentrate on Portland Fashion Week. From RTR 10 the attendees were treated by a rare appearance of the world famous Dave Dahl of Dave's Killer Bread, a fixture in the Portland scene as the featured musical artist along with his band, The Killer Granddaddies.

Also in 2015 Mr. Foulk was asked to help launch within the Portland market Tyra Banks' collaborative day time TV show with Chrissy Teigen from the KGW studios. 


download (2).jpg

L to R Chrissy Teigen, Executive Producer Fiona Foulk, Executive Producer Tod Hunter Foulk, Celebrity Stylist Joe Z.

A busy year, Mr. Foulk also began a relationship in 2015 with the US State Dept playing host to out of town fashion dignitaries, and has since become a Fellowship member with the "Young Leaders of America Initiative" and subsequently works with 18 Latin and Caribbean Nations on sustainable fashion practices. 

Mr. Foulk  has  most recently begun an annual charity golf tourney under the PFW umbrella and hopes to get the "Fashionable Runners Squad" Charity Running Team started last year up and ready for this year's high profile running events including the Hood to Coast Relay, Race For The Cure, and Portland Marathon.


Since 2000, Mr. Foulk has produced over 150 individual and charity related Fashion Shows and industry related events, raising millions of dollars for the economy and hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity in the process. 

Mr. Foulk is the only such individual doing so in the Portland, OR fashion show production community.

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