Producer Sierra Lee Ann Mischke

Producer Sierre Lee Ann Mischke

Sierra Mischke. is a designer tunrned producer from Portland,OR. who has shown in Portland Fashion Week since 2015.

Love of sewing started with a 7th grade project made together with her mother on her Nana's old Singer. From there she bought her own and delved into learning how to sew and alter clothing. In high school she took up cosplay, and from there, realized designing clothing and making full garments from scratch was what she really wanted to be doing. She then seriously began to design clothes for herself and the other love of her life (a 70lb pup who won't go in the rain without his hoodies.)

In 2015, she says that she was lucky enough to meet Portland Fashion Week Executive Producer Fiona Foulk, ‘‘who brought me into to the world of fashion’’. ‘‘I really owe it all to her. Now, I design a collection to walk the runway with PFW every October. And it is really the greatest experience. In the future, I have hopes to one day produce my own collection and to be able to attend Fashion school to gain more knowledge of the trade, as well as fulfill my love of sitting in a classroom to learn.’’

Her attention to detail, work ethic (she graduated after 3 yrs with a 4.0 GPA) and her humbleness are what endear her to PFW.

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