K- Street Fashion..... Join the Movement! Follow the trend.....

K- Street Fashion.. Join the Movement!

While my mild obsession with both fashion and the arts is discernible, being adopted from Korea and having lived in Asia as a young adult, I have come to find Korean street fashion endlessly fascinating. From my stint living in Singapore, I witnessed and experienced first hand, fashion used as a cultural aperture to communicate, globally.

Anytime you are in a new region, it is smart to listen on the streets, to the fashion that surrounds you. Fashion on the streets of Seoul can often tell you society’s secrets, in a much more progressive manner. From their leading boom in gender neutral clothing, to broader statements made in public, it is the Korean Paepi (“Portmanteau word from the Korean pronunciation of “fashion people”) that make the boldest representation of their true selves. While South Korea has been in an ever evolving state of growth away from capitalism, it is powerful to watch this young generation of consumers take to self expression and confidence, through fashion.

Edgy and forward, K-street fashion, K-pop music, and let’s just be honest, an entire K-movement has begun to move worldwide.  If you google “Korean Street Fashion” you will likely find lists of archetypes and contradictions. Monochrome vs. Bright colors… Layers vs. Minimalist… Leather vs. Cotton… It is these contradictions to describing K-street fashion that is the heart of its appeal. K-street fashion is not one thing, one rule, or one look. Korean street fashion, in fact, is never one trend, but one person, confident in their bold choice to be true to themselves.

While South Korea could have once been considered a major hub of fast fashion production and consumerism, we have seen a designer (and buyer) shift to sustainability. Easy on the environmentand easy on the eyes, I hope to continue to see the K-movement revolutionize other cultures and the way we think about fashion as a representation of who we are. A cool confidence, nothing is more beautiful than using your body as a canvas to represent the one and only YOU.

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