The Business of Fashion: Model Etiquette and expectations.....

Portland Fashion Week is an incubator for creatives, models, and industry professional alike we want you to succeed to your career and personal goal. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran in the fashion industry, the best way to get ahead in this business is to conduct yourself with dignity and professionalism even when things get stressful (and they will!). Follow these etiquette tips below to help you look like a fashion VIP, get the callback and become a Fashion Week regular.



  1. Check-in with the fashion coordinator prior to the fitting, photo shoot or runway to see what accessories, shoes, etc. you should bring with you.

  2. Stay on top of communication by responding to emails, etc. in a timely manner (24 hrs or less!)


  1. Always arrive 15 minutes early before your fitting time. Any earlier and you could be in the way, while any later you could be marked LATE and dismissed by the fashion coordinator as a result.

  2. Arrive freshly showered, wear a light unscented deodorant and clean lingerie. NEVER wear white heavy antiperspirant it will get on the garments. If you perspire heavy you need to bring dress shield

  3. Show up wearing light makeup, no, clear, or nude nail polish (not chipped), groomed hair, heels and hair hood/scarf in hand unless informed otherwise.

  4. Check-in immediately with the fashion coordinator upon arriving at a photo shoot, casting call, or runway show.

  5. If you are over 18 do not bring family or friends to a fitting, photo shoot or backstage of a runway unless otherwise approved ahead of time by the production crew.

  6. If you are under 18 you should bring one parent or guardian along.


  1. Be happy and enthusiastic with each garment given to try on. Let the fashion coordinator decide what you can and cannot wear. DON’T express your opinion unless it’s asked.

  2. Be good to the clothing and other merchandise. Always hangs up the garments, place them back on the display, table, etc. Do not expect the fashion coordinator to do everything for you and NEVER throw anything on the floor!

  3. Always try on a dress or skit over the head. NEVER step into them as we want to preserve the hem, flexibility, etc. of the garment.

  4. Use a scarf, makeup or hair hood when trying on every garment. The clothing is not yours to keep and must be protected from stains.

  5. Do not sit in the clothing, it needs to be preserved of wrinkles, stains, etc. If you need to sit remove the clothing and wear a robe while you wait.

  6. Don’t chew gum, smokes or drink before, during or after a fitting, photo shoot or runway show. If you appear intoxicated or we see you smoking in/near the merchandise at anytime the fashion coordinator will dismiss you immediately.


  1. Be prepared to stand around while people measure, tug, drape and pin outfits to you until they look perfect.

  2. Common politeness goes a long way - make sure to introduce yourself to the production crew and thank them afterwards for their time spent with you.

  3. Cell phones should NEVER be out when during a fitting, photo shoot or runway show unless you are in the waiting area. As a general rule of thumb, turn them off until your done for the day.

  4. Don’t be a flake and cancel or no, call no show last minute. This looks highly unprofessional and could impact your future with photographers, designers, etc. at the fitting, photo shoot or runway you “blew off.”

  5. Don’t get sucked into any drama. If you are treated badly by a photographer, stylist, fellow model or designer inform the fashion coordinator on site as well as your agent (if applicable) of the disrespectful behavior and have them deal with it.

Remember these guidelines and you sure to be a hit at your next fitting, photo shoot and runway show.

AND don’t forget to have fun modeling!

- Rachael Lovette, Portland Fashion Week

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