Becoming a Portland Fashion Week Model. By Mandy Gray.....

Becoming a Portland Fashion Week Model

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#Scouting: Become a PFW Model

Portland Fashion Week holds several model searches throughout the year, attracting standout novice and veteran models from across the nation. With Model Search Events spanning the Portland metro out to Central Oregon, we look for lasting impressions that will resonate with our designers and audience.

What happens at a PFW Model Search?

We run a well oiled machine to see, on average, 75 models in under an hour. As models check in, they are asked to sign an NDA and fill out a stat sheet, for later. Our team will then lead our potential models through a series of steps including a still photo, professional measurements, and a recorded runway walk. While we wish we had time to chat with all of our potential models, our panel of professional judges are focused on viewing and reviewing all candidates, to then share decisions with our team who will be in contact with those, selected.

Interested in starting the process and auditioning to be a PFW model? Contact us at Please include your stats (height, weight, bust, waist, inseam, dress size, shoe size, hair/eye color), a headshot, and full body photo (check out our Model Casting Policy for more details). A member from our team will reach back to you with upcoming Model Search information.

*Note: Our next open casting is July 6th!

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