Ready-to-Wear, Re-wear and Share by Mandy Gray.....


Ready-to-Wear, Re-wear… and Share!

Creating a more environmentally responsible industry, we can’t forget our own role. As consumers, we are buying more clothes and keeping them for a shorter period, than ever before. While we take into consideration that polyester and cotton make up the vast majority of clothing material, this means we are creating more industrial water pollution from the dying and treatment of these textiles, and generating massive non-biodegradable landfill waste!

While the industry is making a slow curve to slow fashion we can certainly play our part to stay eco-chic! 

While my personal favorite Portland Fashion Week show is Pret a Porter also known as “Ready-to-Wear,” how can one keep up with these trends while taking a sustainable approach to fashion?

Call it the “Mandy-Method.”

1. Wear it.

2. Re-wear it (or even re-“pair” it and turn a day look into night!)

3. When you’re making new space in your closet… share it. 

Portland Fashion Week is proud to donate to The Portland Rescue Mission in order to avoid unnecessary waste, and share our once loved clothes with those that need it most. By eliminating waste and instead helping our community, we have the ability to make a large impact in the sustainable fashion revolution.

-Mandy Gray | Producer at Portland Fashion Week

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