The Portland Fashion Week inaugural mixer of 2019.....


In nearly 20 years of hosting small to giant private parties and public events, it seemed that we were ALWAYS seeking a nice home away from home. To not only conduct business from but to become ground zero for all that is fashionable in Portland. 

The gorgeous and stoic Benson Hotel with their exemplary staff fit the bill for years until the retirement of their then GM while we ourselves at PFW were undergoing a changing in our guard at that time as well. 

Aloft Hotel then became our favored haunt for model searches, mixer parties and in haus meetings, while 4 or 5 ''Hives'', "Collective Work Environments" and "Shared Work Spaces" were novel and needed stop gaps for larger meetings, searches and smaller sized public events. Novel and needed stop gaps which we utilized.

Though great for what they were, it felt as though we could accomplish the same thing from the library of a local college, with about the same ambiance and decor. If we were lucky that is. 3 of our spaces were converted 100 year old buildings and 1 was a brand new ghastly edifice, now a completely different business in NW Portland, and none were what we could dress up for or be proud to host any real event or conduct any real out of state business from. So we became business hermits, worked from home, and when needed partied and held meetings at the finest hotels.  


At PFW, we have also gradually become Carbon Negative, employing our unique e-workarounds to paper, and endless miles of driving in a rather congested formerly small town. At times we suffered for our adherence to our credo, but never bothered to use "Hives" again as they just weren't us. Until now that is.

Last week we were happy to have hosted a little private mixer party for about 100 fabulous friends and colleagues, using our brand new collective office space at as the back drop! And what a back drop and mixer it was! From New Basin Distilling Owner, Rick Molitor pouring his own crafted spirits and local Lachini wines provided by Cask & Cru, to finishing the night with a signature "Pineapple and Cherries Portland Fashion Week" flambe dessert served still burning over a decadent French Vanilla courtesy of The Great NW Ice Cream Company, and the offices couldn't have been a better place to host it. 


And the BEST thing is that YOU can host your own there too! The rates are far better than a hotel, the views are on Par with any in the city, and the staff is one of the best! 

We could really go on about our new offices at and why it is the premier place to host a private event and have an office from, including a 240 degree view of the city and mountains, ease of parking, 700 individual tropical plants populating the spot, occupying the 2 top floors of the building, the open floor plans, complimentary barista and beverages, public and private coworking spaces, and chill owner/GM Oliver Alexander, but please schedule a tour instead!

tod foulk