Fashion is an art by Mandy Gray @pfwmandy.....

Fashion is art, and it should always make you feel something. 

There is a common misconception that fashion is simply what is popular. Thinking back to the ways of fast fashion, the concept thrives on bulk, high speed production to get a low price-point trend to the people. Often following popular culture and the styles of our influencers on social media, the artistic expression of fashion can easily be lost when items become homogeneous to all those following these short lived “fads.” So how do we identify the difference betweenfashion and fad, and create our own long-lived statements?

While our culture will always hold an influence on fashion choices, production and consumption matter. Similar to art, there should be a process that leads designers to production, and a production process that allows their art to translate into their final piece. Slow Fashion, not only takes a sustainable approach to these methods, but also allows designers to create quality (and not quantity) pieces, that step away from the short lived “fads.”

When you think of consumption, the buyer and wearer takes the reigns. How a piece is worn, what it is paired with, and how it is translated on the individual is the final opportunity to turn fad to fashion (that’s right ladies, a statement necklace CAN make all the difference!). Similar to art appreciation, apparel and accessories are created with the consumer in mind, and there is no right or wrong interpretation. Once in our hands and in our closets, we become the artist with the ability to express our own personal style.

Only following what is popular in fashion can throw us down a rabbit hole to follow fads with an impulsive buying perspective. Making a statement is also not only an aesthetic choice, as we learn more and more to the benefits of sustainable, and eco-chic fashion, both for the betterment of our health and this planet. Stepping away from the big production trends, we have the opportunity to create our own, unique fashion statements. Keeping aware of origination and production, make your statement and walk this world as your runway.

- Mandy Gray, Portland Fashion Week

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