Portland Fashion Week 2019 goes Plastic Free!!!!!

PFW 2019 begins our Portland Fashion Week NO Plastics Initiative!!!

Dear Fashionista,

We take this moment to ask all to reflect on spending habits which incorporate excessive use of plastics, and their detriments on the environment, while we encourage you to do your part as well to help save the earth and to “Keep Portland Pretty”!

Thank you

-The Teams

In 2002 PFW became only the 3rd Fashion Week in the United States.

In 2005 PFW initiated a ‘‘green and eco-chic’’ program to seriously showcase “green fashion” to the world .

In 2005 as well, PFW showcased and spear headed the Plus-sized Fashion Movement as stand alone fashion, as documented by Vogue Magazine.

In 2007 PFW initiated a ‘‘green and eco-chic’’ program and under the guidance of executive producer Tod Hunter Foulk, began planting a forest and stabilizing the riparian zones of upper Cambridge Creek in the environmentally sensitive Johnson Creek watershed.

In 2014 the coho salmon were documented spawning at the mouth of Cambridge Creek for the 1st time in over 4 decades.

In 2015 PFW was again lauded for our ecological and sustainable style by The Huffington Post, and set by them as the bar by which London Fashion Week should attain.

In 2018 PFW planted our 11,000th tree.

And now In 2019 PFW has initiated our ambitious Plastics Free NO Plastic! campaign, ridding our organization of the waste which plastics produce, as outlined below.

pfw 2019 no plastic.jpg

tod foulk