Portland Fashion Week FASH MOB! from the OCC.....

Fash Mob Flash Mob! 

Hi all!!! Flash Mob at Comicon Saturday Sept. 8, 2018

Care to become part of the fun, fashion, and frivolity?  Then read on! 



ATTIRE: Dress in your fave Little Black Dress, black shoes. Clutch bag.

MAKE UP: LIGHT colored foundation, smoky eye, bright red lipstick.

Bring your make up kit with you for touch ups. 

HAIR: Pony tail/bun.

BRING, chargers, ID, etc AND  clutch bag to hold 4’’x6’’ post cards to hand out.

– we are duplicating the ‘’Addicted to Love’’ Robert Palmer video.  Google it for our look.


WHO: PFW Flash Mob

WHAT: A Fashion “Walk off” 

WHEN: Sat. Sept. 8, 10:00 am PFW pre funk for Comicon from a B. Young RV luxury motor coach  (‘bago) parked at a locale TBD

WHERE: event will take place inside the main lobby of the Portland Convention Center 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232  (free to enter main lobby)

WHY: as a stylish promotional op for PFW 2018.

HOW: We meet at the ‘bago locale: TBA for a quick prep,  greet, orientation, and fun swearing in ceremony. Red Bull and Voodoo Donuts will be provided.

We walk as a group single file or in formation of two files if possible, inside the center and walk about until we find ‘’area x’’ for a ‘’base camp’’, which we will designated on site as best for a flash mob. Keeping formation inside may be problematic due to crowd issues but we will stay en masse. (we will coordinate more on choreography in future emails)

Once we stop, we will mull about smiling. picture taking and joking with some of the 100k attendees projected over the 3 days.  As we mix n mingle we promo pfw etc. and  we ask everyone who we meet to come back to ‘’area x’’ ,  at 1:30pm  for a flash mob walk off, and  hand out invites to that night’s Little Black Dress Party as an official unofficial Comicon After Party.  There are 2 official ones but both are ticketed events and sold out.  We will do this in small groups of 2-4 until about noon. 

Then we will go back to the ‘bago for pizza and Red bulls. We debrief on the handing outs and go in again about 1:00 pm to invite more to LBD and to get ready for THE FLASH MOB

DJ Cowboy will be there with Patrick  we will all be in the area, and at my signal Cowboy will begin playing “I’m to sexy” and which point we will divide our ranks into 2 columns and act as the catalyst for the civilians to fall in. We will select who walks 1st among us but once it starts it will go for a while as other will see who were not in and be able to join at the end of the line for a turn. The runway could get long. :)

Once all who wished to walk have walked we simply disperse and head to the ‘bago, home, or where ever.

PFW has done  2, the 1st was many years ago and it was glorious, the 2nd was last yr and not so much so it’s all who is motivated and a fun seeker!

On street metered parking.

Email Phil Wheeler at Philip.wheeler@portlandfashionweek.net to confirm and coordinate on loacation of ‘bago


Video, and stills will be made available to us

Local news is covering



-The PFW Producers



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