Portland Fashion Week qualifies for Sustainable......

Alas there is NO allowance for a home based businesses to qualify as LEED Certified Sustainable, no matter how high our standards or how many sustainable aspects we incorporate in our daily practices.

52 sustainable aspects in our case, qualifying Portland Fashion Week for an exceptionally high ranking in the highest Gold Standard possible. 

Besides championing the eco chic and sustainable fashion movements for over 15 years, since 2007 PFW Executive Producer Tod Hunter Foulk has cleared 3 1/2 acres of invasive Himalayan blackberries each summer to convert a once open and ecologically disturbed field and mud flowing seasonal stream into a forest of over 10,00 native trees and native food bearing shrubs for wildlife.

In the process his efforts have stabilized the upper reaches of the Cambridge Creek Watershed- a vital tributary to Johnson Creek, and has become instrumental in the return of native Coho Salmon after a 4 decade absence as the mouth of Cambridge Creek is where all the recent coho salmon spawning has been taking place.  

tod foulk