Easy Ways To Ensure Your Workout Routine Is Eco-Friendly.....

Easy Ways To Ensure Your Workout Routine Is Eco-Friendly


It seems like there is constantly a new type of fitness equipment craze like the shake weight or ab lounger, marketed to convince you it will change your body and your life. But with less than 5% of adults participating in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, this exercise equipment is more likely to end up in the garbage. For those who are committed to staying active, there are simple ways to make your workout routine sustainable in both senses of the word. Here are a few other tips to consider.

Consider your wardrobe

What you wear can impact the way you workout. While there are many different fitness outfitters, many use cheap material to sell it to you at a low cost. It is important then, to look for brands that are sustainably sourced and are fair-trade. We know when we look good and feel good, we’re unstoppable. 

Visit parks in your area

One of best resources in our communities are the parks. They allow, especially in cities, people access to green space for picnics and outings, or room for yoga or simple cardio circuits. Some parks and trails may also have outdoor fitness equipment for pull-ups and other strength training, but even if a park doesn’t, there are many online resources for body weight workouts. You can find them online and bring them with you to the park to enjoy both the outdoors and a sweat session.

Look for sustainable studios

Some studios that are open 24 hours may contribute to energy waste. Keep the hours of operation in mind and ask questions about energy efficient lighting or occupancy sensors. Questions like these will help to determine the level of eco-conscious and whether you want to invest your money in a membership. Other studios are incredibly environmentally friendly, like ones where gym-goers help generate electricity through their workouts. Other gyms might boast bamboo floors, recycled rubber mats, eco-friendly spa or pool access, or energy-efficient exercise equipment.

Plan a workout at home

If you can’t find a gym in your area that meets your sustainability standards, another great option is to plan your workout at home. There are many apps and online workout videos you can download to challenge your body without expensive and inefficient cardio equipment. Log into your laptop and try some new fitness routines. There are also free downloadable plans to choose from based on your goal. It’s easy to bookmark your favorites and come back to them on your next workout. A Pinterest board can be an easy way to organize workout guides, too. Both are good options to avoid printouts and excess use of paper.

Committing to a sustainable fitness regiment is a big step, but in the long run, it will be better for your health and the environment. Whether you choose to incorporate all of these tips or just one, lessening your carbon footprint in any small way will have an impact.

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