Portland Sustainable Boho Fashion: Doing It The Right Way.....

Portland Sustainable Boho Fashion: Doing It The Right Way



Earlier this year Paris Fashion Week showcased breezy boho dresses and skirts at Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent show, and designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi's Chloé show also featured plenty of vintage fabrics and styles. Boho has been a popular runway trend for the last few years, but it is especially suited to Portland Fashion Week. This is because Portland Fashion Week is the most sustainable Fashion Week in the world, promoting the idea of sustainable apparel that is better for the environment – and boho is one of the most sustainable trends around! The city is known for producing lots of sustainable fashion designers, including Anna CohenMountains of the Moon and Jonano.

The whole style is based around wearing natural fabrics that aren’t harmful to the environment, as well as reusing vintage items instead of throwing them away. Moreover, it enables women to wear stylish yet comfortable clothing and sport a more natural, healthy look. So are you ready to embrace sustainable fashion with a fresh boho style? If so, here is how to wear boho fashion in a way that is sustainable and kind to the environment.

Go for natural fabrics and vintage items

A key part of the boho style is keeping your look natural. Avoid colors and tones that are unnatural or artificial (such as neon colors), and instead go for earthy tones like pale greens, browns, and beiges. Pastel colors are also a good look!

It is also important to go for natural fabrics and materials, such as cotton, denim, and linens. These fabrics will create a more realistic boho look, and the natural materials will also be better for your skin than artificial fabrics like polyester. This is because it will be easier for your skin to breathe, and the fabrics are less likely to contain irritating dyes that could make your skin itchy.

Check out local thrift shops

If you want to add some boho clothes to your wardrobe now, consider checking out local thrift shops in Portland. This is a great way to give old clothes a new lease of life while you wait for Portland Fashion Week, and it also means that you will be wearing something more original than high street clothes. Then when Portland Fashion Week comes around, you can get some boho style inspiration there!

Create a natural makeup look

Much like with your wardrobe, the boho makeup style is all about embracing a natural look. This isn’t a look that works well with heavy makeup, bright lipstick, and fake eyelashes; instead, go for moisturizer and tints that will enhance your natural beauty. Lip balm often creates a more natural look than lipstick, and it is often better for your skin due to its moisturizing benefits. This is also much better for the environment, as many makeup brands include toxic products in their makeup that are harmful to the environment.

Sustainable fashion is a popular fashion movement, and if you want to try the style yourself, a boho wardrobe is a great place to start. You can also see more sustainable fashion at Portland Fashion Week in the near future.

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