Multi-Ethnic Haircare Hits the Mainstream.....

Multi-Ethnic Haircare Hits the Mainstream

Portland Fashion week is all about promoting diversity. Sales of naturally sourced products for multiracial hair are at an all time high. This exponential growth has been in large part, down to the fierce and fabulous independent businesses, that create haircare products tailored for people of multiracial heritage. They have taken the industry to task, forcing their hand to follow a trend borne of necessity. Soon the days will be gone, when minorities had to head home empty handed after a fruitless search for suitable hair care products. Pierre Balmain famously uttered: “Good fashion is evolution not revolution”. But the revolution is now. And it will be televised.

Demand outstrips supply

The desire for multi-ethnic hair care products that meet the needs of a variety of hair types is increasing. The major hair care brands have taken too long to pay the necessary attention to the expanding market of ethnic haircare. It would seem that good fashion sense comes more naturally to some. As the heavyweights slowly shift their focus, there are already progressive producers out there, manufacturing their own products. These innovators are often of multiracial heritage themselves, building up successful businesses that focus on hair care products for people with mixed hair. By heavily investing in research; they have launched original products onto the market, finally filling the gaps the big players in the industry long failed to address.

Mama knows best

The mystery associated with caring for multi-ethnic hair is being consigned to the past. People that deal with multiracial hair on a daily basis, are establishing themselves as the authority on the best treatments and recommendations for mixed-race hair care routines. Supporting those with similar hair types, they are setting the standard for the styles of tomorrow. This cute cheat sheet for moms of multi-ethnic kids, can help when you find your baby’s hair in a hot mess!

Conditioning is core

Conditioning often, is central to many hair care regimes for mixed race hair. Brand names are not always important, instead it’s about the key ingredients that make up a gentle yet effective formula. Eco-chic has never been so hot. Superfoods such as almonds, avocados, and argan oil, are all finding their way into hair products that are not only harm-free to hair and skin, but also naturally beneficial to the body and the environment. 

Looking at the entangled ethics of ethnic hair care in the US, shows that such innovators and products are long-overdue. For too long people of multiracial backgrounds have had to face the frustration of finding the shelves of mainstream stores empty of products that target them and meet their needs. As more businesses are borne of the communities their consumers come from; purchasing choices are widening, with these businesses being the change they want to see. As the market marches forwards, the power of ethnic spending is finally starting to dictate to big industry; that a small and separate section on the shelves is not enough. Just like fashion; times must, and always do, change.

tod foulk