Hot Trends in Manicure and Nail Care.....

If there’s one thing beauty buffs know, it is that there is no time like the spring and summer to show off a perfect manicure or pedicure, our toes twinkling to perfection in the latest sexy sandals and our fingers setting off our new jewelry pieces ever so seductively. The newest trends in manicure and nail care reveal that diversity is as important in the tiny little details as it is in the major elements of any look. Be yourself, ‘express what you’ve got’ and ride on the wave of these hot trends.

You are what you wear

Nail brands have jumped on the organic and ecological train, with the beauty industry waking up to the fact that buyers are more interested than ever in sources of ingredients and means of production of everything from the food they eat to the skincare they apply daily.

High-end nail care brands have long shunned chemicals such as formaldehyde or toluene in nail polish, but companies are taking it a step further these days, by infusing polish and nail care products with natural ingredients such as turmeric, carrots, almonds, and even milk! New products include manicure with charcoal to protect nails against environmental pollutants and peelable nail polish that eliminates the need for removers.

Speaking of nail polish removers, some are currently being formulated with healthy natural ingredients such as argan oil, vitamins, and gentle soy-based formula to stop nails and cuticles from drying out.

Nails as artistic expression

The boom in influencers in style and fashion has made patent the extent to which individuality is being celebrated in the new millennium. Instagram or Pinterest are particularly interesting media on which to show off one’s bespoke creations. It is fascinating to think that just a few years ago, creating your own nail acrylic or gel nail art was unheard of. Today, nearly all top acrylic and gel nail brands market home kits for acrylic and gel nails, leading to elegant as well as OTT designs that quickly earn viral status online. Thus, bloggers, vloggers, and Instagrammers are increasingly making nails an important part of an overall polished look.

Minimalism rules

Across the globe, minimalist, modern styles are taking over, from fashion to architecture, interior design to hairstyles and nails. Of course, this is just one of many looks that have dominated New York Fashion Week; bold looks are also in, so it ultimately depends on how you’re feeling on a given day.

Minimalism dresses nails up in a whole new way. Forget about using strips or touches over a base color or clear base and paint tiny details (think one or two stripes) over a bare nail.

Taking a cue from the runway

Nails are reflecting fabrics and looks seen at New York, Milan or Paris Fashion Week. Just a few designs seen on the runway recently include nature-inspired art (think flowers, petals, or leaves, with each nail bearing a different element), ombre nails (five different shades of the same colour or metallic shade), ‘message nails’ (think of words you can spell by painting or sticking one letter onto each nail) and mixing textures (metallic, glossy, and opaque looks, all on one nail).

Make sure to tap into your creative side this season, using your idea of artistry to jazz up your nails. Experiment with techniques (gel and acrylic), change your look frequently and don’t be afraid to express your biggest design inspirations by starting trends of your own.



tod foulk