Green has never looked so good on anyone

Portland looks good in green!



Green looks good on us

Portland Fashion Week represents the independent, progressive and stylish soul of the pristine Pacific Northwest. As the third oldest Fashion Week in the United States, active since 2003, Portland Fashion Week is recognized by "TIME Magazine" as the BEST Indie Fashion Week in the USA and most recently by The Huffington Post as the "World's ONLY Carbon Negative Fashion Week".

As such, Portland Fashion Week has committed ourselves to reducing our carbon foot print for nearly fifteen years now by producing fashion shows embracing sustainable practices, providing an innovative platform supporting creative and like minds, and generating commerce for all, while building connections of the end consumer to the world sustainable fashion community at large.

In that spirit, after the first of The New Year we will have just undertaken another tree planting effort, this time in the form of planting 1,000 Western Red Alder in addition to the nearly 10,000 trees we have planted for both erosion control and carbon sequestration since 2007. (Fun fact: do the math from the chart at left and multiply by 10,000. What do you get? Yes that is the assessed value on US Dollars of trees we have planted.)

In 15 just short years we expect our efforts to be met with a fully harvestable 10 acre forest producing hundreds of cords of wood for home heating needs. This is just one of the practices which make Portland Fashion Week so unique, but one which we are very proud of.

In the meantime we wish everyone interested in what we will be doing in the future to please visit the link below. From the wonderful people of The Nativity Wood Lot.

tod foulk