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Plus-Sized Models More Memorable Than Skinny Counterparts

By Jackie


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The Plus Model is shaking up an industry, reflecting a more mainstream body and image.

There is currently an influx of African-American plus-size models in the fashion industry reiterating the increasing tendency of women to reject the concept of beauty often pushed by Western fashion houses. These models embrace their curves and generally have a lot of fun doing so while managing to be the collective voice of curvaceous women everywhere. As women, we are always looking for ways to feel confident and desirable yet we often end up comparing ourselves to the stick-thin models and actresses we see on TV and magazines.

Society places so much importance on appearance while the fashion industry continues to equate skinniness with beauty.  

While thin can be beautiful, so too can other body sizes and shapes. Despite the industry‚Äôs obsession with overly-skinny models, plus-size models have proven to be far more memorable in the long-run according to a study conducted but the Florida State University and published in the journal Communication Monographs.  On the African continent, women are naturally curvy and loved for it. Very little is considered to be more beautiful than a voluptuous African woman dressed in her beautiful traditional African attire.  Could it be that this way of thinking is finally finding its way to the rest of the world?

Here are some plus-sized models to look up to. 

Anansa Sims

Widely known as one of the hottest plus-size models in the industry, Anansa Sims is the daughter of model Beverly Johnson and record producer Danny Sims. The 38-year old beauty always dreamed of being a model: in her early twenties she lost 40 pounds, moved to New York but failed to book any noteworthy jobs until she later regained all the weight. Known for speaking out against the prejudices of the fashion industry, Sims continues to inspire women to simply be comfortable in their own skins.

Alex LaRosa

This curvy beauty became a professional model in 2007 after being inspired by a plus-sized model she saw on an online store one day. She sent her photos to Torrid and like they say, the rest is history. Alex has appeared on the runway for Purple Diva Designs, Curves and Ashley Stewart and often speaks out about body-shaming and bullying.

Ariel Brownridge

Ariel hails from Virginia and rose to fame as a model after submitting her photo to a model search competition in a local magazine. She made it to the final of the competition and is now signed with Dorothy Combs Models. According to her, she adores her curves and insists that every woman should embrace her body, regardless of its shape and size.

True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but nothing is more alluring than a radiant woman who is comfortable with her body. Society is slowly adapting its perception of what is beautiful with more and more fashion houses being created for the sole purpose of dressing full-figured women. Natural curves are beautiful and no one should ever make you believe any different.