Portland Fashion Week was born in 2002 when about 2 dozen like minded Indie Fashion and Accessories Designers formed "The Portland Fashion Incubator",   one of only 5 such Fashion Incubators in the world at that time.  With Stella Farina as the first Portland Fashion Week Executive Director, the very first PFW took place in March 2002 from The Portland Art Museum and drew a sold out crowd of about 900 for the finale.

The following year Portland Fashion Week 2003 was held from Pioneer Courthouse Square over 5 days with the Friday Night Finale happening again at The Portland Art Museum.  Subsequent PFW's have taken place from the 44th floor of the Unicorp Building, the Swan Island Ship Yards, The Portland Convention Center, Veteran's Memorial Coliseum and the NW Industrial District to name a few locales. 

Since the beginning PFW has showcased as many Project Runway Winners as LA and NYC combined; been lauded by such periodicals as TIME Magazine, Vogue, The Huffington Post and Book Moda; was the first Fashion Week to bring eco-chic and sustainable apparel to the fore; was first to showcase plus sized models and fashions from a Fashion Week runway; was the fist to showcase sustainable apparel from a Fashion Week runway; planted over 10,000 trees to offset our carbon footprints; showcased thousands of designers and models; raised tens of tons of clothing and food for the region's needy and contributed over $20,000,000 to our local economy.  Making us not only the 3rd oldest Fashion Week in the USA, but fashion leaders in so many aspects as well. 

As the vanguard for ''Green Fashion'',  and the most sustainable, kind and caring Fashion Week in the world, we are honored to hold such titles and continually strive to accomplish more.  


Portland Fashion Week, active since 2002 the 3rd oldest Fashion Week in the U.S. Portland Fashion Week® has also featured as many Project Runway Winners as NY and LA combined  is One of the ‘’Most Sustainably Produced Fashion Weeks in the World”-Book Moda Aug. 2007 is TIME Magazine’s “Best Indie Fashion Week in the U.S.” -Oct. 15, 2012  is on Reedy Press’ “Top 100 Things to do before you die Portland Bucket List’’ -2015 and is now “the World’s ONLY Carbon Negative Fashion Week’’-Huffington Post Sept. 30, 2016

Portland Fashion Week has also been lauded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as a key component influencing their 2015 report reflecting the changing face of Fashion Weeks. Our equitable and ethical treatment of participating designers ie: not creating a predatory business model based on exorbitant designer participation fees, advancing the runway to sales timeline, and our eco-chic ethos and continual support of the local fashion community were all mentioned as templates and practices by which all fashion week productions should adhere to.

The report is available upon request to prospective designers and press. Tod@PortlandFashionWeek.net to learn more.


Designer Participation 

Interested designers are encouraged to apply beginning Friday Jan. 4, 2019.

We will reply with a PFW 2019 Designer Participation Kit including a FAQ, Code of Conduct, NDA, Contract, and Sanctioned Graphic Artwork.  Selected designers will be notified with further details in approx. 2 weeks time from receiving their information.

Subsequent PFW 2019 Designer Participation emails will contain further specifics as well as Model Team PDFs with all of their statistical information,  invites to private industry parties, fitting schedules and photoshoots. 

Each Participating PFW 2019 Designer is judged on numerous criteria and individually selected by a panel of judges with over 100 years cumulative experience in the apparel, fashion and design industries. 

Each Participating PFW 2019 Designer will be allowed to showcase a single 10 or 20 piece collection per night.

Portland Fashion Week is traditionally scheduled over 5 days with 4 different nightly showcases featuring specific looks.

Those nights and showcases being:


Wednesday "Opening Night"

ALL Designers will be showcasing select pieces from their collections to Press and Industry Insiders in this private invite only event.


Thursdays "Sustainable Apparel" Night


Friday "Ready to Wear" Night


Saturday "Couture and Bridal" Night


Sunday "Accessories/Hair and Make-Up" Night


PFW LLC provides all producers, models, professional stylists, styling products, dressers, back stage personnel, promotional material, venue, production values, music, DJ, MC, Hosts, on-site meals, and can help with organizing travel,  lodging and related. Thus creating a complete, worry free, and fun Turn-Key Event for our participating designers. 


Our Contact Information

Please contact us at designer@PortlandFashionWeek.net  to learn more and to reserve your spot in the world's "Most Sustainable Fashion Week". 

Please include a fashion resume' and a short description of your line and textiles being used,  links to social media, related business URLs, and several images of at least 3  articles of apparel or accessories. Include close ups of detail work and finished seams both inside and out, as well as images of the garment both front and back on a live model or dress form. Omitting key details may preclude or delay one's participation.