Sruthi for Owl Fashions

Meet Sruthi of Owl Fashions
SHOWING ON: Saturday April 26, 2014

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Ever Considered wearing fashion in Pineapple? Beech wood?

Banana ? Flax? Ever Considered that the most sumptuous silk doesn’t need Silkworm homicide? Ever considered that the very best of fashion can evolve from the plastic bottels? Delightful discoveries await you, with latest collections from the young Indian Eco Fashions Designer, Sruthi, to be launched at the upcoming fashion week on april 26th. There is an amazing designer wear range with your name on it, just waiting for you to take a look. Discover the “feather Lite” Series, from the eco-fashion house of Owl. Sruthi revives this” feather Lite” concept of freedom, transforms it into designs that are at the zenith of vogues and are a joy to adorn. Forget the pressure of conforming, seeking acceptance, of being weighed down by trivialities. Feel free to be yourself and revel in the new freedom. Spread your wings, and simply soar into the skies. Taste freedom. Taste lightness. Taste the new line of ready to wear in Feather Lite collections.