PFW ON THE RUN Satellite Events




PFW ON THE RUN Event Guidelines:

  • Must must secure a location and produce a fashion related event for the public.
  • A fashion event is defined as the following: An event where shoppers have an opportunity to purchase apparel or accessories and enjoy some sort of entertainment like a trunk show, a mini fashion show, a meet and greet with stylist, a live performance, etc.
  • Keep fashion event open for at least 2 hours.
  • Provide fashion event on date and time as agreed upon, must be between 6/15 – 6/21.
  • Provide entry to all ages at no charge.
  • Provide special deal / incentive for shoppers that PFC can promote.
  • Agree to sign up for YELP! as a business and/or update your profile so shoppers can “check in” at your event.
  • Staff event accordingly to ensure an enjoyable experience to shoppers.
  • Provide easy access or directions to parking.
  • Promote your participation on all social networks possible.
  • Display a PFW Poster at your place of business (if you have one).
  • Pay sponsorship fee amount of $325