Portland Fashion Week® welcomes Karen Davis’ exclusive collection Moulagerie to the runways!

[moo LA zhuh REE]  noun; french; a play on words meaning: A fashion design studio where muslin samples are constructed and perfected on a dress form to create proper fit, drape and design before the final quality garments are produced.

Karen’s designs are “Modern classic apparel with a girl-next-door point of view”.   “I like to combine romantic femininity with classic sophistication and natural fibers for a fashion forward look with enduring style.   Because I like being cute and sophisticated at the same time. Why not?”

She incorporates her love of sophisticated fashion with her deepening sense of social responsibility to create a collection of unique, beautiful pieces.

“And so you see that it’s only natural I would desire to incorporate my love of sophisticated fashion with my deepening sense of social responsibility. I’m not quite sure why socially and environmentally conscience persons are required to wear clothes that look like army fatigues.”  We couldn’t agree more, Karen! 

Karen is one of the three emerging Portland designers featured at Portland Fashion Week®.

You can read more about Karen on her website: