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TUE SEPT 30 | READY TO WEAR at the TENTS at Pioneer Square
Help make this show possible and buy tickets to see my collection on the runway.


Jaefields is the supplier of the Portland Proper Threads and Accessories. I carefully hand select all garments and produce them in small batches with the idea of quality over quantity.

It’s hard to put Jaefields into one category; it’s rather an inspiration or a combination of a story. Fortunate enough to travel around the world at an early age, I became very fascinated with diverse culture and how it correlates to the current history.

Each culture has their own rich history but all have evolved, and still evolving, to adapt and progressing to make better. I believe that’s the definition of Jaefields as a brand: display our own unique rich style but also adapt and progress to lead.

It’s very important to me that all clothing you wear is unique, personable and versatile. All three words must go together. To be unique doesn’t always mean to stand out in a room full of people, but rather why you love it and how you are able to piece it together for an outfit. When it’s that personal to you, you’d want to match it with your everyday outfit everyday of the week.

I design variety of garments but don’t produce them in large quantity. My interest not only lies on creating something new but also taking something that already exists and making it better.

I also provide custom clothing design, production and manufacturing at all levels and quantity. From the most basic t-shirt to your exact specs to the most technical winter jacket, let me design and create it for you. Please, when contacting, use the proper email etiquette to ensure a reply. Value MY time and I will value YOUR requests/questions.

Mad Love,

Wookie Fields


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