Briana Jacobs

Portland Fashion Week® welcomes the Briana Jacobs collection to the runways!

From the beginning of her journey as a fashion designer, Briana Jacobs has received numerous awards, recognition and scholarships. Briana is currently completing her degree in Apparel Design at the Art Institute of Portland. Briana pulls her inspiration from color, architecture and moods evoked from music. Her technical knowledge of construction and fit combined with her experience as a model and retail stylist, has aided her future as a fashion designer. Briana is skilled in her ability to create wearable clothes that look effortlessly stunning. She focuses on creating modern garments that flatter the female figure. Besides being a skilled fashion designer, Briana is also a creative and fearless woman who excites for each new fashion industry opportunity.

Briana is one of the three emerging Portland designers featured at Portland Fashion Week®.

You can read more about Briana on her website: