2014 FALL Designers

KLÄD – Melanie Trygg – Seattle

Melanie Trygg


TUE SEPT 30 | READY TO WEAR at the TENTS at Pioneer Square
Help make this show possible and buy tickets to see my collection on the runway.


Beautiful Things

What determines the composition of your wardrobe? Comfort, ease of wear, appreciation of style? KLÄD apparel beautifully fits those criteria with a sincere appreciation of the human body and what clothing can do to enhance it’s natural beauty.

Style & Quality

We believe wholeheartedly in the significance of price per wear, and want KLÄD garments to be an investment in a high quality, functional, and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Custom & Handmade

We all know how great it is to find a deal on a cheap article of clothing, but what does a 10$ t-shirt cost the environment and our future? Low quality low cost items are often manufactured over seas with materials that have already circled the globe twice. What do we do to start repairing the wrongs of disposal fashion? BUY LOCAL, HANDMADE GOODS. If you are interested in custom ordering any piece or have an idea for a custom piece shoot us an email with your current measurements and we will get started.


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